Artist for hire [Sprites]

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Artist for hire [Sprites]

#1 Post by holikrep » Fri Sep 11, 2015 2:04 pm

Hello~ I'm looking to offer my art to anyone whom might be interested in commissioning sprites for their projects or something along those lines!

I've been interested in making a VN for a while but don't have the ability to go through with my own ideas so I'd like to at least be able to say I helped with someone elses quq?

I'm mainly interested in drawing sprites at this time though would be more than happy to try other things if the commissioner was interested in having me attempt it?

I'd like to these commission by commission if possible though depending on the project might be entirely up to a long term thing if it's desired ;u;

Payment Options
Pricing Information
  • Full Color: Waist up 25$ [] Full body 35$
  • Base Color: Waist up 15$ [] Full body 25$
  • Chibi: Sketch 12$ [] Lineart/Full color 15$
Payment Information
[*] Since i'd like to do it commission by commission I'd prefer payment upfront or after sending a sketch~ depends on your preferences ;u;

Still have questions?
Contacting me through email is preferable! though if it's some crucial information I failed to post i'm more than happy to reply here~

Order Form
~You don't need to fill it out this way exactly ;u; these details would just help a ton and make it easier on me!~
Project Name:
Project Details: (any you care to give that would help with the character art process~)
Commission Details: (Let me know what you'd like drawn ;u;! Stances/Expressions/Etc)
Notes: (Anything you have to say about anything ;u; )b )

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Re: Artist for hire [Sprites]

#2 Post by Chasing Summer » Fri Sep 11, 2015 2:39 pm

Woah, I love your art… It’s so colorful and shiny~!

Emailed you!
new account: sonnenblumen

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