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yejin's e-shop commissions (sprites/cgs)

Posted: Mon Jun 20, 2016 5:59 pm
by n0tgin
Hi all! So I've done a few commissions for friends, but I thought since it's summer and I will have a lot of time on my hands for the next 5 weeks, why not open up LSF commissions too? (I want to buy more games because now I have time to play them!)

- Payment in Nintendo E-shop gift cards only (Purchaseable online, you can email the code to me or PM me it)
- You can ask for WIPs any time, no problem
- Small to medium-sized projects only, please! Starting with baby steps!
- I HAVE A NORTH AMERICA 3DS, so please purchase for that region!
- Please specify what style you want your commissions to be in, I highly suggest that you look through my art blog (linked below) to see what I can do! You can describe or link!

What I WILL draw
- CGs or sprites
- Fanart
- OCs
- Ships

What I WON'T draw
- Extreme gore
- Mecha (depending on complexity, feel free to PM me about it)
- Furries (nekomimi is OK, again, depending on complexity, feel free to PM me about it)
- Complex backgrounds (feel free to PM me about it, but I might charge extra)

Spritework/Character design and CGs
- Bust: $10
- Waist: $35 (negotiable)
- Fullbody: $50
- 3 icons: $20
- 6 icons: $35
(Commission for potouto! Thanks Jojo!)

More samples
Art blog

Hopefully that should be OK for a first commissions post! I can't change to paypal or other transaction ways since I don't have my own personal account! Thanks!

Re: yejin's e-shop commissions (sprites/cgs)

Posted: Wed Jul 06, 2016 4:05 pm
by potouto
Wanted to jump in to drop a few comment about jin's work. Highly recommended her!! Her art style is very lovely and beautiful and she was very friendly and understanding!! The end product was fast and turned out wonderfully!! All of them are very cute and came out lovelier than expected!!

I would definitely commission her again when I have the opportunity!!