Anime Artist for hire <3

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Anime Artist for hire <3

#1 Post by Dannychama » Fri Jun 09, 2017 11:36 am

I'm specialized on anime/manga style, . Feel free to check my current style from my newest art in My Gallery
If you are interested to comissioning me, please read the following description.

• I only draw with my art style
Following other's artstyle is not really my thing
• A Slot commision is claimed once I accept your notes and reply it that I accepted.
• One commisioner apply multiple slots
i will not draw :
- Complicated Monster
- Complicated Mecha
-overcomplicated armors

-all (anime) commissions are half body or maybe head to knees. if you want a full body it would be + 7USD
-if you want a background tell me, i'll tell you how much more $ or points it would be.
-the +18 commissions are more expensive.
i dont have problems drawing nsfw/hentai or some fetish

my deviantart:
my email:

my prices:
Sketch: 15 USD
chibi Sketch : 10 USD
Colored Sketch: 20 USD
Chibi Colored Sketch: 15 USD
Full Color: 30 USD
full color chibi : 20 USD

examples of my artwork:

Image Image Image Image Image Image Image

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