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#1 Post by sendo » Wed Jul 12, 2017 3:55 am

Closed, thanks to everyone who got in touch!
All prices are in USD. Please note that the prices listed are for non-commercial projects only. Commercial pricing will see an increase, please contact me for more details.
  • 「Sprite Base Prices」
  • Waist-up - $50
  • Knee-up - $65
  • Full-body - $80
  • 「Add-ons」
  • Small Variations - $15 (eg. arm pose)
  • Outfit Variations - 50% of the base price
  • Pose Variations - same as the base price
  • Expressions - $3 each, base sprite comes with neutral expression
I also offer CGs. They are a little harder to price because there's so much more to them. Here's a ballpark, these rates are flexible though, so please don't take them as the final prices.
  • 「CGs」
  • Simple CGs (1 or 2 characters, simple/no BG) - $50-$100
  • Medium CGs (2-3 characters, simple/medium BG) - $100-$150
  • Complex CGs (3+ characters, detailed BG) - $150+
  • Simple variations like changing an arm pose - $15
  • Complex variations need to be discussed
  • I only accept Paypal payments.
  • I require half payment upfront and half upon completion.
  • Please do not make direct payments. Once we work together, I'll ask for your Paypal address and send you Paypal Payment Requests (comprised of the commission price + Paypal fees).
  • Provide basic information about your project (genre, setting, summary, etc). A link to the project's website, blog, or WIP thread is preferable, if available.
  • I will only work in my own style (see samples)
  • I can draw cute, cool, sexy or nsfw stuff. But I will not draw anything that sexualizes underaged characters. Lolis are for hugs not fugs.
  • My work should only serve as art assets for your game. You can use them for art books, promotional materials or merchandise related to the game, but you are not allowed to redistribute or resell them separately.
  • Finally, commissioning me means you have read, understood and will comply to all the terms and conditions outlined above.
Feel free to post here, PM me, or shoot me a mail at Thanks! ( ´ ∀ `)ノ
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