Painterly Background and Character Art

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Painterly Background and Character Art

#1 Post by ketskari » Fri Aug 04, 2017 1:51 pm


I'm a digital painter. I specialize in background art and painterly character and sprite art--aside from this work here, I also have a more cutout style.

Portfolio here for more examples. For an example of a sprite with a small to medium range of expressions, I have this reference chart here that was used as a guide for the character's LiveComposites.

Price (Current Deal)
Haven't done commissions in a while, so first couple of pieces will be lower on the price spectrum.

If it's for a free game, I might consider doing one-two substantially discounted pieces, especially if it's for something that would be a useful for my portfolio (example: everyday interiors or forest type scenes right now.)

This message will change when the above deals longer apply.
Screenshot from one of my games with a texture effect overlaid on the background art.

Other things I can do:
* Correct anatomy of pre-existing sketches
* Colorize sketches/lineart
* Promotional art/paintings/posters
* Backgrounds with layers/foreground elements, etc.
* Matching your existing color palette and style (e.g., for background art)

Art trades
I occasionally take trades in lieu of payment. Usually I need sound (sfx, music, voiceover) or code (for Unity, not Ren'Py atm). The jobs I need are usually small, but I can still offer a discount on art for things like that. Rights trade must be equivalent, so exclusive rights for music = exclusive rights for art.
I always reserve the right to display artwork in my portfolio. Please specify if you would prefer I wait a certain period before displaying commissioned work.

PM or commenting here is fine. My contact info is on my website here.

More art:
I also work on my own visual novels. There's one linked in my signature.

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