Abbie's little cornner - Character art, CG, concept

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Abbie's little cornner - Character art, CG, concept

#1 Post by Abbie » Wed Nov 29, 2017 5:54 pm


I'm Abbie, a freelance illustrator from Europe.

I used to make plenty of anime art few years back, and I would love to go back to that style now.
My work hours are going to be more regular starting from mid December, and now I have extra free time so I would love to open some commissions and work on games/projects.

If you would like to see my older works, commissions etc please check up my Deviantart gallery, but please note those are not recent. I'm working on Siren's Ballad with friends, but this project is on hold for now till our writer has less busy schedule.

I will gladly work for smaller projects. If you have something big in mind please remember it's not my full-time job and I'm not able to produce content extra quick(daily).


I'm going to update my samples with new art whenever I can to keep it up to date. Please enjoy current showcase <3

Character Sprites

I can work with both already designed characters and from description.
In case of description please state race/ethnicity of character, age, some character and appearance traits is a must. I will refuse to change finished artwork without charge if detail that is 'really important' was not mentioned in description provided. If I overlook it I will change it for free since it's my mistake.
If you can share some inspiration pictures(or music) so I can get idea of character better - GO FOR IT. just remember I'm not willing to copy someone's work or exact dress from pinterest - I will use it as inspiration. That said please don't send me descriptions that are extremely long. keep it reasonable!


Can you do more hairstyles, clothings for the character?
I can, but I would need to know about it beforehand. Price will vary then and will be discussed privately depending on complexity and number of variation
How about small pose edits? just hand positions etc
Same as clothing have to know beforehand and it will vary depends on design. sometimes it's pretty easy to change, sometimes I need to redraw half of sprite. I can add sprite modifications (like heavy injured, or some possession) too.
I want a set of sprites, but I want all emotions goes with different body language I don't need 5 expressions on one sprite. Can we...
Yes. Just inform me about your needs and I'm open for negotiation. It actually goes with everything, like colouring style,blinking some non standard idea you have. Just talk to me I'm up to any work! If I know I can't do it in reasonable time I will inform you.
I need files to be in psd/layered version
Sure, but notify beforehand with all your specification. Since I'm just 'newbie' here I might need guidance how to prepare file so it will be perfect for your project.
Can I order only lines? I can colour them/already have colourist for my project
It's fine with me but I will allow it only if you order at least few sprites. price will be lower per one since It takes less work to do lines only. Files will be send in PSD.

Character art/CG

Price: 100 USD + || lines only: 60 USD +
EXTREMELY simple CG ('joke CG', cellphone or keys shot etc) - negotiable

CG base price include simple/not overly complicated background and max 2 characters.
I will need characters designs or sprites, background if it's already set description of game (overall mood/genre is enough) and scene (keep it under 1 page please. as far as I would love to read all work it might be way too much time consuming).

CG/illustration will have few sketches of scene to choose from, then 3 or maybe more review depends on complexity. I might ask for extra details if unsure.



All your samples are vertical, it doesn't fit VN at all
I'm sorry my last works were for printing mostly and they just happen to be vertical! CG will be horisontal fitting to your game size (full HD max)
I need more xxx colouring style
More cel-lshadeish? more painterly? let me know. If no extra info provided I will try match sprite style (I'm not going to mimic it)
I need more variations of one CG
Please let me know beforehand sometimes it's easier to just plan it then 'overpaint' after it's all done ^^;

Other Services

I'm willing to work on icons, concept art, promotional art or maybe simple backgrounds. I do not have any specific portfolio for it right now. If you like my style and you're willing to trust my aesthetic intuition - contact me.
I could make some video editing/simple animation if you need those kind of service.


I'm willing to do almost anything - mecha, monsters, any sex orientation, gender, ethnicity, religion.. you name it, it's your story.
I'm willing to draw some gore.
I'm old enough and willing to draw R18 stuff - characters must be 18 years old at least! Anything lower is against law where I live. (can't provide recent work here right now! sorry for inconvenience)

I have no desire to participate in racist projects or hate projects.
That should be obvious but let's say it - I'm not keen for any scam. I will ask to remove any assets I provided if kickstarter/game is just a dirty way to scam people to invest. No refund will be provided in those cases.
Once I read resume I MIGHT happen I will decline commission because I don't feel comfortable to draw it. It's nothing we can do i might feel like I'm open and up for anything but it might trigger something inside me that makes me feel bad. It doesn't mean your project is bad, or I judge you. I'm just not right person to do it.
I'm aware of some R18 kinks I'm not willing to draw, but I will not list them here since it is SFW thread.(ask me if you need info!)

I will use some of works I create for my portfolio/social media posts(to show what I'm working on). If sprites or CG CAN'T BE PUBLISHED let me know. I don't want to spoil your story. (that said I will probably ask anyway if I can or when can I post it watermarked/credited)


Where you can find me:
twitter (checking daily) || DA (not really active there!)|| Abbie#5985 on discord (I'm on Ren'Py server) || e-mail: || PM here, on Lemma soft!

I'm sorry but I accept only PayPal.
For Payment I will send you together with sketch to approve - once I get both approval and payment I start serious work on commission. If I get payment but no approval I will wait a week to hearing from you, if I will not get any I will start work. Any belated revision changes will be charged additionally.
For bigger commissions I might agree on partial payment.
For returning customers I'm more flexible with payment time.

oh and last thing - I'm really sorry if my English sounds strange/my vocabulary is low. English is not my native tongue!! I try my best but it's still not perfect.
If you have any additional Questions please contact me, or post it in this thread if you think more people might benefit from answer.


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