Character Artist Looking For Work [Shop/Commissions]

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Character Artist Looking For Work [Shop/Commissions]

#1 Post by hiromu656 » Fri Dec 01, 2017 1:40 am

I am a character artist looking for work. Willing to join in on smaller scale Projects.

I'm generally quite reserved when it comes to my characters, but am willing to change things up depending on the request.


Prices for Character Art done in the Style shown here. These Characters here all represent the Bust Sprite option.
  • Head Shot : $15
  • Bust Sprites : $20
  • Waist Level Sprites : $25
  • Full Body Sprites : $40
These prices will have the character Rendered unshaded, like the character on the far Right.
  • General Shading (all Sprite Sizes) : +$5
  • 3 Additional Emotions : +$5

Things I Draw Poorly (but can attempt) :
  • Very Young Characters
  • Very Old Characters
  • Sparkly Things
  • NSFW Things
More Examples Coming Soon.

You can contact me here or through my email >

Ideally Payments are done through PayPal, but that can be discussed.

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