[open] anime/manga style artist for hire (chibis, sprites)

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[open] anime/manga style artist for hire (chibis, sprites)

#1 Post by rachelmon » Mon Dec 04, 2017 9:04 pm

Im an artist who's currently working on my own visual novel project.
I need some funds to pay for other media I need for my project so I thought, why not work for other people's projects to get those funds on the meantime?

Lately I've been mostly working on con merch so I don't have many examples available, but you can get an idea with these.

Im willing to draw chibi and game sprites of any kind.


these are character designs of my own project (concepts)

This is one of the unfinished sprites. The finished coloring would look more detailed like on the chibis

Chibis would be around 20€ depending on complexity and sprites would range around 30€
(these are rough prices, for expressions, clothing and pose variations ask, please)

feel free to contact me here or at rachelmon(at)hotmail.com to discuss about rates. Although I have fixed prices, im open to budget negotiations.
(please note that I will not work for free)

I look forward to working with you, thank you!

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