[OPEN!][FREE!] Kaj's Character Art Service!!

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[OPEN!][FREE!] Kaj's Character Art Service!!

#1 Post by StarluoAngel » Sun Jan 21, 2018 3:37 pm

Kaj's Character Art Service!!

Hi! I'm Kaj, and I'm an aspiring illustrator, looking to draw anime-styled characters for your visual novel! As you can see from the title, I'm currently offering my services for free! :D That means I'll draw character or CG art for your project for no cost! I'm working on my very own (and first ever) visual novel project at the moment and figured it'd be nice to have experience with doing visual novel art! Again, I offer this for free; the reason behind this is that I'm not that confident enough in my art to be okay with receiving payment for it. For the most part, my art will be free under most circumstances. The only time I'll ask for payment is when you request additional elements out of a character drawing such as extra expressions or poses because it takes more time out of my schedule.

I currently have ONE available slot for working on projects.

Things to keep in mind if you're going to request my services:

- My services are free. You are not paying. Paying means the artist lends not only their services, but their time and effort. Since you aren't paying, please understand that I may not be able to get to your requests right away. I still have a schedule. I'm willing to work on most to ALL of the character art on a project, as long as I have the time to do so, thus your patience is greatly appreciated in this situation.

- I'm only willing to work on projects that aren't on a strict deadline. I'll work on projects that move at reasonable pace for me. That doesn't mean you shouldn't talk to me or bother me. By all means, please check up on my progress every now and then. I'd be happy to share my progress!

- Since I'm not being paid, I need to make sure that the project I'm committing to is interesting enough for me. So please PM me or drop a reply in this thread if you want me to take a look at your project!

- I'm not likely to accept requests for commercial games (unless they're really small). I'd prefer to work on smaller, shorter projects.

- I'm looking for a positive and optimistic environment. I won't work on a project for free if I feel like I'm not enjoying myself.

- I can only draw one character sprite a week. This means it'll take an entire week to do the expressions, pose changes and clothes for them. CGs will also take a week.

And those are all the things to consider when requesting my services. I'm sorry if I sound strict, but in case you're wondering, I can negotiate around most of these circumstances (for example I may be able to tell you I can do 2 CGs in a week if my schedule is more open or I may be able to work on large projects if I'm not overly pressured to finish by a specific time frame). Just shoot me a PM!

What I can do:

- Male characters (I specialize in male characters)
- Female characters
- BxB (I'm especially passionate about BxB!!), BxG
- Animals (not furries)
- Simple nature backgrounds
- Ecchi (only for male characters, not female)

What I'd rather not do:

- GxG
- Furries (I do draw them occasionally, if you really want me to, please PM me)
- Overly geometric art (such as building landscapes, rooms or mecha)
- NSFW (for now, this may change in the future)

Please check my deviantArt for samples of my work!
Click here!

(It won't let me upload my large drawings here).
Here are some drawings you won't see on my deviantArt.
Maaku Char Sheet #1.png
Maaku Char Sheet #2.png
Maaku Char Sheet #3.png

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