Palinus Workshop - HQ art full skillset [OPEN]

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Palinus Workshop - HQ art full skillset [OPEN]

#1 Post by Palinus » Fri Apr 06, 2018 5:29 pm


† Time Availability †

Up-Front: 100%
Rev-Share: 40%
Long-Term Free: 20%
1-Month Free: 50%

Hello everyone! I am Palinus, Illustrator, Game Designer and a hardcore fan of Visual Novels and Story Driven games, I offer High-Quality Art, In unique styles in the full skillset for Visual Novels, in a proffesional manner, including Web Design, Concept Art, Sprites, BG's, CG's, GUI, Logo's, 3D, Art/Team Direction, Soft Skills, Unity, Ren'Py, Plot Editing and more. The Ideal artist for projects with high production standards.


If you want to see more samples feel free to contact me!

† Additional Information †
  • Those who want to create memorable, feels and unique VN's, to be remembered for years to come, Within the Drama, Victorian, Gothic, Surreal, Fantasy, Apocalyptic, Murder Mystery, Psychological, Denpa, Lovecraft genres are the perfect partners for me. With that said when enough cash is involved I’m still very open to other offers, even NSFW, as long as my shedule isn't full with more interesting projects. I care more about participating in quality novels for the sake of art than the money/or rushed releases, so I don't work for projects that don't fit me for cheap, That said don't be scared to contact me if you think my art fits!

  • Equipment: I use proffesional equipment and software for my services, CINTIQ27QHD, CSP EX and Photoshop CC, Vegas Pro 14, GTX 1070, Ryzen 1700 CPU (8 core, 16 threads) for HQ Renders. I can create assets up to 4K resulotion without any issues.
  • Pricing: For a quote contact me with following information: story synopsis, estimated deadline, budget, asset(s) desired, who you/your business are and style/quality reffs, and i'll give you a quote. I will reply with both Upfront and Rev Share options, but depending on the information given I might ask for more info first
  • Rev-Share: I'll gladly rev share if I like the project with personal interest, budget pre-release is tight or is convinced about it's potential, Though, don't expect any more than Part-Time speed if that's the case.
  • Free Projects: I'll gladly participate in free Projects as well, as long as they are small and I like them, NaNoReNo is a typical case I'd participate in, But sometimes I'm okay with larger ones too. Most important is that I really like it and what I'm doing.
  • Pay & Rights: This will be discussed from case to case and look very different, I'm open to alot of sulotions as long as they don't damage me, Just keep in mind I legally own the rights to revoke your usage of my art until you payed me what I asked for if you don't pay me in time, Rights will also be decided upon during negotiation.
  • Deliverance: During a full-speed shedule, and assuming you got all information I need to work quick prepared, I can deliver about 4 Char Concepts/week or 4 bg's/week or 3 sprites/week or 1 - 2 cg/week at commercial quality, but of course it vary depending on the context, details and deadlines, as well as available information, I work best after being able to immersive myself in the story I'm working for, so provide me Bios and Outlines/Scenes, Refference Images to save my time and your money, I will of course ask for those things as needed.
  • For any unanswered questions feel free to contact me.

† Contact †

Twitter: @chaospali
Discord: Palinus#4908
E-mail: palinusgraphics(at)

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