Freelance artist (NSFW) open for work

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Freelance artist (NSFW) open for work

#1 Post by Arteria » Wed Apr 18, 2018 6:56 pm

Hi everyone!
I'm Arteria and I'm open to drawing erotic and NSFW pics and not only (commissions).

What I can do?
I'm working with art compositions to create a good scene.
I always listen to the wishes of the customer, so that he always comes back to me again. This is work for quality!
And I love working with original characters! Attentive to details and make the right accents :3
It's can be simple poses, sex scenes, monochrome framed pages, conceptart works, etc.

A list of what is acceptable is very huge! In a nutshell, I don't: guro, scat, unreal sizes.

You can check my Tumblr and Hentai-Foundry pages for my artworks.
Commission info page & IMG with prices.
My "Not your mom" series

For contact —



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