[OPEN] Atelier Ino | Character Artist Looking for a Project!

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[OPEN] Atelier Ino | Character Artist Looking for a Project!

#1 Post by Inosenso » Sat May 05, 2018 10:38 pm

Note: Starting on May 7th, I will begin participating weekly in a comics figure drawing course run by an industry professional. As a result, my skills will improve steadily over the next two months.



I'm Ino! I'm a long time artist, writer, and overall researcher of Japanese anime culture looking to get involved in a project!

I wish for the opportunity to draw sprites, CG, backgrounds, logos, and banner art for my first visual novel project in collaboration with programmers, directors, and writers. Either volunteer work or commission-based, I won't hesitate! I want to make things happen! I have much to learn, but in developing my portfolio, I hope to better express my deep passion for Japanese multimedia. I want to do bigger and bigger things! Please find my work and contact information below.

I draw orthodox anime style under a wide range of mediums including Japanese G-Pens (pen and ink), Photoshop, and Pencil & Paper. Prices are $5 CAD for a headshot and go up to $35 CAD for fullbody. Prices are negotiable, and I also draw NSFW!
Art on Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/inosenso_manga/

Note: All of my stories on Fiction.Live, in addition to being wide in scope of genre and mood (e.g. horror, romance, comedy, fantasy action, depression) are written with branching routes, incorporation of music, images (some of which I draw for), user-inputted polls, and reference manuals for a "game-like feel". Not only do I write, I have the basics for game writing!
Writing on Fiction.Live: https://fiction.live/user/inosenso

Thank you for your interest. I can be contacted on Discord (Inosenso #8777) and Gmail (JustinBryan.Roque@gmail.com).

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