Chibi and Portrait Anime Commissions Open

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Chibi and Portrait Anime Commissions Open

#1 Post by ECaoArt » Fri May 11, 2018 1:57 am

Hello there! My name is Evelyn and I am open for Chibi and Portrait commissions.

Format and Tools:
- 300 DPI
- 6x6 inches or 8x8 inches
- Fully Colored
- Sent as PNG, or JPEG if desired
- Paint Tool Sai, Clip Paint Studio, Photoshop
- Pay Through Paypal in USD

What I'm Willing to Draw:
- Male/ Female
- Couples
- Monster Boys/ Girls (Fangs, Horns, Tails, Wings)
- Kemonomimi (Cat/fox girls)
- Gijinka (Objects turned human)
- Light Armor
- Skimpy Attire (Lingerie)

Sorry, Can't Draw This
- Realism
- Mecha
- Nudity/ NSFW
- Animals
- Furries


Prices: (Per Commission)
- 1 Chibi: $20
- 2 Chibi:$35
- 3 Chibi: $50

* No more than three Chibi per Commission.
* 3 Chibi $50 deal is applicable if you want three separate commissions and are buying in one go.


- $20: Lineart
- $25: (Per Project. 1 Portrait per Commission)
- $40: (Two Seperate Characters. 1 Portrait per Character) or (A Couple, Friends, Siblings.)

Extra Fees:
- Need it a Day Sooner? $10

- 1 Revision per commission
- Minor Color Changes if needed.
- Simple Backgrounds (Stars, Stripes, Gradients, Hearts, etc.)

How It'll Work
- The client sends a message, we can talk through here or Discord, on what they want.
- The client sends reference photo, if I feel it's in my ability to draw it, I accept the commission.
- I send the client an invoice through Paypal.
- The Client Pays 50% at the lineart, sketch, or revision phase.
- I finish drawing the commission, then send it to the client.
- If there are no final little things to change, client finishes paying the other 50%.
- If the client is satisfied, the process is repeated in the near future.

I really hope to be able to get to know you guys better, and work with you.
If you need any more reference photos you can check out my Instagram here:
I tend to post a lot more there than anywhere else.

Thank you!
- Evelyn.

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