Live2D animator is here

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Live2D animator is here

#1 Post by synckage » Thu Jun 21, 2018 3:28 am

i'm an animator and a comic artist available for commission.

my price are start from 70$ for each live 2Dmodel
art should be separated and cut for live 2D asset
here are my sample works (art from jumin Mystic Messenger)

separated art and cut them into live2D asset start from 20$
i'll need your help if i cannot repainting/redraw some parts like a long hair for characters. they always hidden by their body.

do not worry if price above is to high for you, i can lower my quality bassed on your budget by decressing moving object. here are sample for my simple live2D which doesnt have blink eye and moving head. you can change the moving parts by limited choices but still get good result for the model.

pls make reasonable deadline, and wait for your entry.
the payment will be partial and paid some in the beginning as agreement.
contact for fast respon

other my works you can explore,
live2d for VN, video opening movie, moving chibi, manga/animated manga even your wedding video

thankyou very much :)

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