Character Sprites and CG commissions [OPEN!]

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Character Sprites and CG commissions [OPEN!]

#1 Post by aprilsierra » Fri Jul 06, 2018 9:02 am

Hello everyone! I'm aprilsierra, and I've decided to open character sprite and CG commissions for all your visual novel needs!

My full-time job is actually being a freelance animator and illustrator, so I've professionally worked with lots of clients. I've recently worked on Aflutter Studio's free visual novel game Belong ( as its character sprite artist!

• Art Styles and Restrictions•
Cel-shade, Soft shade, Mix of both, you name it!
I'll draw anything except BL/GL, Mecha, NSFW. I might draw furries and animals.
There will be additional charges for more complicated designs. I will let you know beforehand.
• Samples • (You can find more here)

• Interested? •
Please contact me at for any inquiries!

Additional notes:
- I only accept USD payment through Paypal at the moment. Once you have decided to go through with the job, I will ask for your Paypal email and send you an invoice. Client will have to shoulder the Paypal fee.
- I will only start working on your commission once I’ve received full payment
- I can turn down commissions that I think will be too hard for me to do. I will let you know why.
- Please note that I do other client works as well, so please set the deadline wisely. I will send you previews of the sketch, color and line progress, or you can ask me for previews any time.
- I reserve the right to add the finished work/project in my portfolio once the project has been finished/cancelled.
- Strictly no refunds in case of project cancellation, so please make sure beforehand.

Thank you for checking out my post!

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