[Open] [Updated Prices] Base/Flat coloring service/commission

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[Open] [Updated Prices] Base/Flat coloring service/commission

#1 Post by Kimiyoto » Mon Oct 22, 2018 10:35 am


Need a helping hand with art assets and wanting to speed up the process? Or do you just find base coloring too tedious?

Hi! I'm Kimi and I'd love to be part of more projects.
My works can be seen here : Pixiv , Twitter
Though I suppose it doesn't matter as much since I'm only offering base coloring at the moment haha.

Price range (generally) (per CG or Sprite.) :
Simple : $4
Normal : $7
Complex : $12
These are not fixed and can be discussed.

I am pretty flexible when it comes to how base/flat coloring is done. Just let me know before hand, or send me a file with the layers of your/your artist's work and I'll follow it.
But if you don't have a preference I'll just do it how I usually do. ( Here is an idea of how I do my layers, but rest assured I will name the layers in the commission.)
You can choose to provide a color palatte and/or adjust the colors on your own afterwards.

I am fine with lines having holes and stuff as well!

You can contact me here, or through discord(Kimiyoto#7420)!
Thanks for reading, and looking forward to working with you!

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