Nsfw/Sfw Character Artist Available!

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Nsfw/Sfw Character Artist Available!

#1 Post by holikrep » Mon Jun 10, 2019 4:08 pm

Looking for some work! Character art is preferred , but i'm capable of drawing simple backgrounds/cg as well!

Samples of art ( both nsfw and sfw) can be found here (if more samples are desired they can be found at my DA listed below, or I can provide them on request)

Turn around time is usually 1-3 days depending on complexity of the commission and response times!

I will always keep you updated on how things are going and the status, I provide WIP's and am more than happy to adjust as much as needed during the sketch phase.

Pricing - (Pricing listed is assuming shading is wanted, if no shading is desired pricing will decrease)
Full body 60$ usd
Thigh up 40$ usd
Chibi 30$ usd
CG - 120$ usd (depending on complexity, may increase or decrease)
+20$ usd for Nsfw
+5$ usd for Commercial use (negotiable!)
( All include 3 additional facial expressions)

More than happy to negotiate pricing for projects that lack funding or work out a payment plan!

Contact me at any of these!

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