[Sprites & CGs] [Free] Anime artist looking for small project to hone skills

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[Sprites & CGs] [Free] Anime artist looking for small project to hone skills

#1 Post by nefferinthia » Mon Jul 15, 2019 2:18 pm

Hi everyone! My name is Nef.
I've always loved visual novels (especially otome games) and now that my art has improved to a decent level I'd love to work on my skills further by working on a real project to practice for maybe eventually making my own!
I'd be happy to design characters, draw sprites and/or draw CGs for your project.
Now, since I'm not asking for any fees apart from being credited, I will be a little bit picky.
You can contact me by email (nefferinthia@gmail.com) or Discord (nef#2504)
Thank you for taking a look and I hope I can help out with your project!

Hard requirements
  • I will only work on a non-commercial product
  • The project should be relatively small scale, so no 10 characters with 2 poses and 3 outfits each
  • I won't draw any sexual content beyond kissing
  • I'd like to have some faith in the fact the project will get finished, either seeing considerable work already done or previously finished VNs

  • I retain the right to pick or refuse a project based entirely on whether the game appeals to me
  • I prefer otome games, but will consider other kinds of romances/platonic VNs
  • I prefer a certain degree of artistic freedom over getting very detailed instructions
  • I really like designing characters, and prefer interesting/fantastical designs to school uniform/slice of life type designs
  • I can attempt different styles if you show me examples, but I can't promise anything if it's not something in my samples

Samples (find more at: http://www.nefferinthia.tumblr.com)
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Re: [Sprites & CGs] [Free] Anime artist looking for small project to hone skills

#2 Post by xxmissarichanxx » Mon Jul 15, 2019 2:59 pm

nice art! i like your style, especially what you've done with the cat girl. she's super cute! Cx btw, the link to your tumblr didn't work for me D': i typed it out in my browser tho so i could see more of your lovely work. thank you for sharing! C:

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Re: [Sprites & CGs] [Free] Anime artist looking for small project to hone skills

#3 Post by littletoes101 » Mon Jul 15, 2019 7:27 pm

I sent you a request on discord!

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