Artist looking for good visual novel proyects

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Artist looking for good visual novel proyects

#1 Post by mlgg_21 » Sat Dec 14, 2019 9:54 am

Hello. My artistic name is Lelly. I Have plenty of experience drawing digitally.
I wont beg for money since I want to collaborate with a proyect which I may be interested. Fresh, new and original visual novel.
Dont have much stuff to show of my works but I will post here an illustration that I made, like a portrait of myself but in manga style.
If someone likes my style of drawing and have a proyect well-thought off, original and with a deep plot... you can pm me.
Im looking for exciting proyects.
Note: if the proyect needs a lot lot lot of work, some paid may be needed. But in first place I wouldn't mind drawing for free if you dont mind putting me in the credits and letting me share the art I made for the proyect.
So, with this, wish luck~ and again, you can pm me anytime~
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