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[CLOSED] Adhylia's Free-to-use and Paid Assets: Concept and Character Art (Anime Style)

Posted: Wed Mar 18, 2020 3:58 pm
by Adhylia

I'm Tidylia. I'm a 2D illustrator and I mostly work on visual novel projects' assets during my free time (please be patient ;_;).

As I got the opportunity to work on a few projects already, I'm starting to get a grip of character art making.
For now, I'm opening slots for sprite art commissions only. Please note that the process might take days to weeks.

Here are some samples:


Phantom of the Blooming Rose (Supporting Characters' Sprite Artist, CG Artist):


HEROxTRIO (Characters' Sprite Artist):





I'm opening commissions for THIGH-UP SPRITES only.

Price: 55€

Which includes:
- 1 outfit (+ 10EUR for extra outfit)
- 5 basic expressions: neutral, happy, sad, angry, surprised (+ 1EUR for extra expression)

Payment upfront via Paypal

The pricing can vary depending on the complexity. Feel free to detail your request so we can talk through it! Please note that I reserve the right to refuse commissions if I deem it reasonable, however.

I don't do: nsfw (explicit), gore, furry, mecha.
I can do: humanoids, some animals, ecchi or sexy, light armor.

Nota 24/03: If you wish to commission another type of artwork, please contact me through one of the medias below with your detailed request. I might be able to provide samples for what you're looking for (CG, illustration, icon, chibi, etc). Depending on my avaibility, I'll get back to you and tell if it is do-able or not. I'll let you know my rates if it is.

You can contact me via email through fiftyxtwentytwo[at] or Discord Adhylia#7810. I'm also on Twitter @tidylia.

I'll be looking forward to working with you!

Re: [OPEN] Adhylia's Free-to-use and Paid Assets: Concept and Character Art (Anime Style)

Posted: Thu Apr 02, 2020 7:10 am
by Red-Baby
I've been commissioning Adhylia to make art for me for some time now.
We've worked together on Phantom of the Blooming Rose, HEROxTRIO and now she is working with me on I'm a love interest in my childhood friend's reverse harem!!!
She's the type of person you work with once and then keep coming back to. Not only is she reliable and has great communication (despite the timezone difference), she is very flexible and accommodating to my requests. Her art is gorgeous and the prices are reasonable given the quality.
If you're looking for quality art from a quality artist, Adhylia is the person to go to.