(OPEN) Temteno ꕥ CG/Sprite artist and Character Designer for hire

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(OPEN) Temteno ꕥ CG/Sprite artist and Character Designer for hire

#1 Post by CatPalismia » Sat Jan 09, 2021 9:24 pm

About me ꕥ

Hi, I'm known around as Temteno or shortly Tem!
I'm an hobbyist artist and have been drawing digitally for about 5-6 years now. Most of the time I draw character designs and sometimes illustrations for my own enjoyment. I'm also an avid visual novel reader and very passionate about them!

I've worked on few visual novels as a sprite and/or CG artist. More about those projects can be found in my portfolio.


You can contact me either through here in PM, email or Discord. I answer the quickest through Discord though.

Email ꕥ talvi.taide@gmail.com
Discord ꕥ temteno#2499

Specialties ꕥ

• Most of the time I draw males and females that are young adults.
• I can draw varying body types (see examples below) though I'm more familiar with female than male figure.
• Besides modern clothing (from casual to alternative fashion) I also do designs of fantasy clothing and armor.
• I also accept R-18 rated commissions.

Be aware that the quality of commissions out of my specialties might not be up to the same standards.

I do not draw ꕥ

• Anything I find myself uncomfortable with (I have the right to refuse the commission)
• Furries (doesn't include humans with animal features)
• Animals

If you are unsure whether your commission goes under any of these categories, don't be afraid to ask from me.

HOX! All the prices are in euros.

Sprites ꕥ






Character design sheet ꕥ


Image Image

(Examples refer only the layout and coloring style of the commissions. The sketch's lineart won't be as clean as in the examples.)

ꕥ Simple sheet: €25 ꕥ
Includes one fullbody sketch with base colors.

ꕥ Detailed sheet: €40 ꕥ
Includes one fullbody sketch, two headshots and possible important detail(s) with base colors.

CGs & illustrations ꕥ


(Backgrounds can range from as simple as in the example to lined ones with minimal shading. However, the backgrounds will still be simple and not have lots of detail.)

ꕥ CG without a background: €40 ꕥ
Includes one (1) character and three (3) expressions.

ꕥ CG with a simple background: €50 ꕥ
Includes one (1) character, three (3) expressions and a simple background.

+€15 for additional character
+€5 for additional expression

However, if the CG (for example) is a bust shot in neutral angle, the price would be counted as a sprite bust or a simple background (€10) + sprite bust.
Overall if the character in CG is drawn in a sprite angle and the pose is static, it will be counted as a sprite. This is, however, a vague description at best so do talk with me about this!

Commissioning, payment and other relevant ꕥ

• The canvas size varies between A4 and A5, depending of the canvas' shape.
• I prefer reference pictures over text, but I can also take text descriptions. Just make sure you got all the details!
However, if you don't mind giving me the creative freedom with some details, I don't require as detailed description.
• I finish one art piece in the time of 1-4 weeks, depending of its complexity and my real-life schedule. Sometimes the time goes under or over that estimation, but I will message if that happens so we can discuss about it.
• I send progress of the stages of sketch, lineart, base colors and finished work as lower-quality images.
• I can make revisions in the sketch stage and make changes to colors in base color stage, but otherwise I do not make changes (unless they are really minor ones).

• Please mention your deadline for the art, even if that's a loose one.
• I only accept payment through Paypal and can also issue an invoice if asked. Fees from currency changing are paid by the buyer.
• The first half of payment is paid when I've sent the finalized sketch(es). I will send the .psd file of finished art when I've received the full payment.
• If you don't pay the agreed sum or don't answer to my messages in a month, I have the rights to use the art for my own purposes.
• If you make your own modifications to the bought art and publish it somewhere, mention that clearly (either in credits, description or somewhere else). I would also like to know what kind of modifications you are doing to the art.

• I have the right to use the commissioned art in portfolio purposes or when marketing my own art (for example, in this thread).

Thank you for checking out my commission page! ꕥ

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