[OPEN][PAID] Anime/Live 2D Artist

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[OPEN][PAID] Anime/Live 2D Artist

#1 Post by starynighte » Fri Jun 17, 2022 11:29 pm

Hihi! This is Starynight.e, but you can call me E or晓婷 as well if you'd like (I don't mind).
I'm a 2D artist who mainly uses clip studio paint, although I am also somewhat familiar with krita and ibis paint as well.


You may see my Portfolio/CV linked below:
english:https://sites.google.com/view/starynigh ... authuser=1
中文/普通话:https://sites.google.com/view/starynigh ... authuser=1

You can also find my instagram at:
or just use the tag @starynight.e

^I have yet to finalise some things on the website so apologies in advance if there are any issues with it regarding blank pages and translations--just in case, i'll leave some examples directly here (I'll try to fix it asap, so please let me know if you come across any problems):


You can find examples of my animations on youtube:
Channel Link:https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCtdqJ2 ... 4ul2GyIrtw
MAP Project 01https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SeWLipssFEw
MAP Project 02: https://youtu.be/cbGKxIXKqyA
Map stands for Multiple Animator Project if you're wondering


I can do some basic ren'py coding, although I'd like to learn and improve my skills in the future if possible ( ´▽`)
Here's a demo I made to practice implementing Live2D models into Ren'py script to attempt to familiarise myself with the process. (NOTE: The character model used was Hiyori from the default live 2D resources it does NOT belong to me. The only thing I own is the coding behind the program):
Linux download:
(52.61 MiB) Downloaded 1 time
Mac Download:
(86.79 MiB) Downloaded 2 times

I am familiar with basic 3D modelling & sculpting in blender as well. Though I seldom use it, if it is something that your project requires, I should be able to have a general understanding of terminology (ex. subdivision, dynamic topology, Evee v. Cycles rendering engines, bones & weight painting, etc.) and how to implement features/art/models or whatever required into the program.
Sample work:
截屏2022-06-17 23.01.36.png
截屏2022-06-17 22.58.17.png
截屏2022-06-17 22.57.30.png

My rates: (although they're already the website, I'll copy them down here for your convenience)
BASELINE: $15-25 USD per hour
This is negotiable depending on the size and detail of piece requested

|One Character: Average time for completion 2-5hrs.
Although this depends on the size and detail of the character design. ie. if it was just a headshot, of course the time would be reduced quite significantly in comparison to a full body-shot with a character dressed in a frilly gown. (keep in mind these rates are assuming the picture is fully coloured and shaded.

||Monotone (black & white):

Avg. time for character 1-3hrs
If the painting is in black and white, the time to draw one character should be reduced to such, yet again, the actual rates will still depend on the amount of detail you'd like.

Avg. time for background 1-5hrs
If the painting is in black and white, the time to draw a background should be reduced to such, though it will vary depending on detail

|Detailed Background (more than 2 features): 3+hrs
A feature would count as a singular object in the background (ie. mountains, clouds or infrastructure) Anything over 2 features would could as detailed.

|Simple Background (more than 2 features): 1-2 hrs
A plain colour, gradient or background with 1-2 features would count as simple.

|Visual Novel/Video-game assets: Same details apply
Although, I am aware that there is much variance in the types of arts/sprites needed for game development, so for things like GUI, props sprites and more, there is more leeway and negotiability in terms of pricing/payment.

Payment Method: Paypal or Zelle

(there is a commission form on the portfolio website)

You can contact me through discord, email, PM or the direct replies below:
Discord tag: starynight.e#6344
email: starynight.e@gmail.com
I should respond within a week at most, hopefully sooner (*¯︶¯*)

Thanks for reading!

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