Veteran VN [Writer/Director] Looking for Low Price/Free Work [Open]

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Veteran VN [Writer/Director] Looking for Low Price/Free Work [Open]

#1 Post by TheForeverLoneWolf » Tue Aug 15, 2017 8:37 pm

Hey everyone! I'm Wolf, an English Visual Novel developer. I'm looking for paid work to get my foot in the door for future full-time freelancer work. I'd also like to use most of my earnings to help support my EVN studio, Watercress!

About Me:

I'm a 20 year old student, currently studying for my Psychology degree in a local college. I'm a full-time student, so I do not have any other source of income (which allows me the freedom to work both on commission work and on work for my studio). I've been writing for most of my life, with my more professional works being my primary focus within the last three years.

In terms of Visual Novel development, I've been at it for roughly three years. I am a founding member of the EVN Developer/Producer Watercress, and I've been Studio Director of WC for two years. I've been a Lead Writer within the studio for three years, and I've been involved in marketing/human relations for the studio for roughly three years as well.

Watercress is a thirty person studio with five released games, and I'm well versed in not only leading studios, but also creative teams and projects.


While 5 cents per word would be the ideal, I'm fine with negotiating downwards from there. I'm also okay with lump sum payments, as long as it is worthwhile compared to the amount/content required of me. Receiving a portion up front is preferred no matter the type of payment. Revenue sharing is also okay, but upfront is required, unless you have a significantly strong portfolio.

I'd like to write stories with strong plots, but I'm not against writing stories with 'plot', as long as it isn't too out of the ordinary (fetishizing rape is not okay, rape as a topic, if handled with care, is okay). Comedy is my weakness, slice of life/drama is my strength. I'm much better at dialogue than I am at anything else, so dialogue heavy games are very much preferred :)

If the project requires less than 10k words, I will work for free, as long as that word count doesn't grow out of proportion. If you feel bad about contacting me for free work, buy me a coffee and we're even :P

I also am available as a consultant, and I offer this service 100% for free.


All of my professional work has come from my time at Watercress. It is important to note that all Watercress work takes priority over freelance work, but that being said I've never had problems with deadlines, so it shouldn't be an issue.

Palinurus: Concept work, post release editing (entire script, 20k), social media write-ups/Steam Greenlight write-ups.

Seeds of Sylvia: Concept work, 1k writing, post release editing (entire script, 20k, to be released), social media write-ups.

Fare Thee Well: Co-Director, concept work, 1k writing, Act 2 manager, post release editing (entire script, 20k, to be released), social media write-ups.

Our Home.: Director, original concept, concept work, ~20k writing, pre-release editing (~40k), post-release editing (entire script, ~84k, to be released), social media write-ups.

Citrus Project (Name tbd): Director, Lead writer, concept work, social media write-ups, currently in progress.

Avitus: Director, Lead writer, Act 0 manager, concept work, social media write-ups, character designer, currently in progress.

Specific scenes/examples can be given if requested!

Most of my experience comes from my work on Avitus, as it is slated to be roughly 2 million+ words. I've written at least 100k words for it so far, but it is still a few years out from release as our flagship game.

On top of this, I've scripted for all of the games that I've written for. In Our Home., I scripted all of my scenes for characters and transitions. I also scripted most of the game for music, and some of it for sprites.

For some more informal/unrelated experience, I started my writing career in RP form, and I did that for roughly half a decade before stopping. I was also Vice President of the Creative Arts Club at my college for three semesters.

Contact Me:

Discord: Wolf#1785 (Watercress:
Reddit: /u/TheForeverLoneWolf
Or here on the Lemma forums.

I do not use Skype, sorry for any inconvenience.

Want the quickest response? PM me on Discord.
Please check out this Visual Novel! Lishy is awesome.

Feel free to check out some of Watercress' previous or current works. Here's a link to our website, and here's a link to our subreddit for Avitus, our main work in progress!

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Re: Veteran VN [Writer/Director] Looking for Low Price/Free Work [Open]

#2 Post by FriendlySenpai » Wed Sep 13, 2017 3:10 pm

Do you have any writing samples available?

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