English/French Translator for hire! (Free/Paid)

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English/French Translator for hire! (Free/Paid)

#1 Post by Fulcrum » Mon Jul 09, 2018 5:34 am


I am a French college student going through an English studies course and an aspiring translator who hopes to work in the sector of audiovisual. One of my dreams is to translate video games for a living, and I hope that, in finding requests and commissions here, I can enrich my Curriculum Vitae and make it easier for me to get a job as an audiovisual translator when the time comes. After all, If I'm going to practice, at least should it be with texts that I can enjoy, and there are just so many creative people on this forum I would love to help!

The services I provide include the following:
- Translating your English script to French (for English-speaking costumers)
- Translating your French script to English (for French-speaking costumers)*
- Proofreading your French script (for English-speaking costumers)
- Proofreading your English script (for French-speaking costumers)*

(* A professional translator did tell me that it is best to always translate in your native tongue, but I have always had excellent grades in French-to-English translation classes and my teachers have often made positive remarks on the quality of my writing in Shakespeare's tongue, so I can definitely deliver a quality English if that's what you need!)

I can provide you assistance for either a cheap price or an absolutely free assistance, depending on the scale of the script in question ; however, I will always ask that my assistance be credited under my full name.

Speaking of which, I have a few set of rules to ensure an harmonious exchange between the service provider and the client:
- I reserve myself the right to decline a request or a request/commission 1. I am not interested in working on it, 2. I will not have enough time to fully do the work, 3. I am unable to deliver a translation that will reflect the quality of your text or 4. I am currently taken by another request/commission.
- I will not translate NSFW content, as I am not the best fit for that task and am generally put off by this content.
- As I said, whether my service will require a salary or not will generally depend on the scale of the work. Do not worry if you are short on money though, I will make sure to keep my services under a reasonable price.
- Regardless of whether my services are free or not, I will demand that my assistance be credited under my full name - which I will provide you privately in due time.
- Transactions will be done through Paypal and Paypal only.
- The transaction will be done in two times: Once the deal is settled, I will provide you a first translated part of your script and, if you are satisfied with it, I will do the rest in exchange of the first half of the salary I demanded. Once I have fully translated the script, you will pay me the second half and I will do a final proofread, so as to make sure that I provided you a service that, overall, gives you work justice.

(Please note that some of those rules might be bound to change or followed by others)

Don't mind writing me if you have questions I may not have addressed at any point in this post.

I look forward to sharing my skills if it can help people on this forum, so do not hesitate reaching me!

An important final note: I am aware that I might as well not get any request, but that does not discourage me from offering my services in any way: I might happen to find games on this website that will captivate me and make me want to translate them, so even if you're not asking me any service, you can leave a post saying that you allow me to translate your work and I will be most thankful for it.

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Re: English/French Translator for hire! (Free/Paid)

#2 Post by Zelan » Wed Jul 11, 2018 5:15 pm

Fulcrum was very quick in translating my short script from English to French, despite the fact that there was the added difficulty of both characters being ambiguously gendered. His explanation of the difficulty was polite and detailed, and he still managed to do a great job translating! c: I also received frequent updates on progress, and he never showed any frustration towards me despite how long it took for me to respond. I would highly recommend working with Fulcrum if you are interested in translating your project to French. c:

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Re: English/French Translator for hire! (Free/Paid)

#3 Post by aegis » Wed Oct 03, 2018 1:24 pm

Hi Fulcrum, are you available for the moment ? I would like to translate a project in French into English

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