Please let me work for you! (◕‿◕)

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Please let me work for you! (◕‿◕)

#1 Post by Asphodel Kioku » Wed Sep 28, 2016 6:03 pm

[center]Phodel's portfolio ♪[/center]

What can you offer for my project?

I may offer you my writing, proofreading and editing services. Albeit not working on visual novel projects before, I did work on some scripts on my own; sort of a story in visual novel format without any artwork, music nor programming involved and thus remains unpublished. The samples provided above are excerpts of these unpublished visual novels. My native language is English and therefore may be able to help with any basic technical errors. Editing is something I'm working on improving, but would love to help you with it should you need it; I hope I am considered!

What are your rates?

If you have a project that is sold commercially, I would appreciate if I can be compensated in exchange for my services. But, I do not accept any payment in the form of money transacted directly to me. Otherwise, I am happily willing to work for you completely for free; after all, I am not someone who only cares about the money. One more thing: if you do pay me, I prioritize your project (this is probably true for everybody who opens services for payment and free).
Wait, if you're not accepting payment in the form of money, then what are you accepting as "payment"?
There are many options, and we can always negotiate on that aspect as well. A few examples would be giving me another game you have made that is normally sold commercially and give it to me completely free of charge, or some other game that is commercial as well and one that I take interest in. Another option is helping me pay for a commercial project that I am working on (paying commissions for me, essentially) or just helping me with my project. Things like that would be considered payment.

Do you have any writing constraints?

Although the constraints are listed on the bottom of my portfolio, I can state them here as well. I can write every genre and every rating, but can't write any yuri nor yaoi. My strengths include romance, supernatural, fantasy, Girl x Boy, PG rating through 16+. My weaknesses include Boy x Girl, humor, horror, and R18 content. My interests fall on romance, Girl x Boy, anime, fantasy and supernatural.

How can I contact you?

My contact information is also up on the very top of my portfolio, but there are multiple ways to contact me. I will say that using Skype to contact me about your project will get you a very slow reply. Contacting me through my email or Lemma will get you my fast reply though. You can send a private message here, or send me an email to phodelkioku(@); any way is fine with me.

Make sure that you include information about your project (such as the synopsis and the basic character information) and already-finished assets (such as art and writing) that you may have.

Is there anything I need to note?

I do have a life outside of making visual novels; I do have school (until June, at least). Therefore, I will not be able to work as much on the weekdays, but I can help you and I promise to keep in regular touch with you over the span of each week so that you don't have any reason to think that I intend to drop out. If you have any specific deadlines, all I ask is that it is reasonable with my outside life taken into consideration.

[center]I hope to be able to work with you![/center]

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