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[Open, Paid] Experienced Writer Available for Game Jams/Short Projects

Posted: Fri Jun 23, 2017 9:23 pm
by parttimestorier
Hi! I’m Jane Titor and I love to read and write visual novels. Because of a busy work schedule and other ongoing commitments, I'm mostly interested in working on shorter projects like game jams.

$0.05 USD per word in the final script, with a deposit of roughly half of what you estimate the full cost will be upfront, and the rest on completion. Paypal only.

The more specific you can be, the better. I’m most comfortable with commissions if I have character profiles, outlines of scenes, and any other important details you can think of, so that I can make sure I’m writing what you want me to write. I’ll keep you updated, send you partial drafts as I go, and edit and make some minor revisions without charging anything extra.

Sole writer and developer of four completed projects:
The Light at the End of the Ocean(2020)(commercial)
RE:BURN (2019)(free)
Well Met by Moonlight (2018)(free)
No Other Medicine (2017)(free) (I won one of the bronze prizes in a judged game jam for this one!)

Co-writer of one upcoming project, with a demo available:
DemiDato: the Demo (2018) (I wrote the part with the incubus!)

Editor of one completed project:
Strawberry Daiquiri (2018)

Master of Arts in English, PhD in Literary Studies in English in progress

8+ years experience with other jobs that involve related skills, such as editing and marking English papers

If you check out some of my projects on, you’ll see that I like to write a lot of dialogue and not too much narration. I’d be happy to experiment with any genre, but most of my experience is in slice-of-life with young adult characters, and a bit of supernatural stuff. I’m also really interested in mystery and I like LGBTQ+ representation. I would theoretically be okay with working on a project with 18+ content, but that’s not something I have much experience writing yet, so I probably wouldn’t be the best choice for something that’s really focused on that.

Feel free to comment or message me here, or email

Re: [Open, Paid] Experienced Writer Available for Game Jams/Short Projects

Posted: Mon Apr 01, 2019 3:17 pm
by parttimestorier
I’ve updated this ancient thread with a lot of new information! I just finished NaNoRenO and I’d love to get started a new project.