Free Native-English-Speaking Editor [Short NonCom ONLY][Open]

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Free Native-English-Speaking Editor [Short NonCom ONLY][Open]

#1 Post by Sapphi » Mon Jul 10, 2017 11:18 pm

Hiya everyone!

Due to my IRL schedule opening up, I'm able to start providing free editing services to fellow VN devs. My goals are:

1. To build my portfolio quickly and gain references that I can use later to obtain paid work.

2. To contribute to this community in a meaningful way, supporting what I see as the lifeblood of visual novels: noncommercial works.

A little bit of background about me: I discovered visual novels and was inspired to create my own through playing noncommercial games. Since then, I've been working on some noncommercial projects of my own. The going is slow -- that's the nature of noncomm when you are an adult with other obligations. However, the freedom to create whatever your heart desires brings immense joy. Any perfectionism experienced is entirely ideological, a concern with doing one's personal best, and unconcerned with "Will it sell?" It is my belief that things written, drawn, and otherwise produced in this state can shift paradigms, break ground, and change perspectives due to their freedom from socio-financial concerns. When I play noncommercial games, it is as though I can feel some of the joy and freedom that the creator felt while making them. That's why I think it's so important that they exist, and why I want to support their development in an environment that is getting more and more commercialized.

What can I do for you? My services at this time are limited to copyediting and English-language localization.

By copyediting, I mean that I will read through your script and correct simple typos, errors of grammar, punctuation, vocabulary, spelling etc. I will not touch the story itself. I may remark on plot elements or questions of consistency, but I will not get too involved. It is your story, after all :)

By English-language localization, I mean that if you are ESL and would like a native speaker to look over your script and make sure nothing sounds weird, I'm your person. My English background is Midwestern American. If your story is a period piece and you would like the English to sound somewhat older, I can help with that too, thanks to my excessive love for 1800s literature. :)

My criteria:

1. I will only edit noncommercial games. Short is better, but don't weed yourself out if you think your script is too long. Ask me.

2. I will only edit complete scripts. This means a script you would otherwise be ready to publish if you did not have an editor.

3. I will edit scripts in whatever form they are presented to me (document, Google Doc, Ren'Py script are all fine). I will not do any programming or code formatting.

4. I have almost no content restrictions. I do reserve the right to turn down anything that I personally dislike; however, I believe in freedom of the press and I support your right to write whatever you damn well please. :)

5. You must credit me as the editor within the game's credits section. You must also agree that I may cite my work on your game in a portfolio or to a prospective client.

I will work on only one script at a time and keep this thread updated as to the status of my availability. You may comment here or PM if you are interested. With all that said...

I look forward to working with you! ^O^/


Update 7/12/17: Starting an editing project. Requests are currently closed.

Update 7/22/17: Requests are open!
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