Rookie Writer Begging For Some Experience

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Rookie Writer Begging For Some Experience

#1 Post by Goacat Drake » Mon Sep 04, 2017 11:04 pm

Greetings, ladies and gentlement. I'm Goacat Drake, a rookie writer that works mostly in translations and «Map Plotting/Planification of Chapters». My native language, unfortunately for me (or maybe fortunately), is spanish. I've been working on a comic named Wizard, which has six chapters, as a writer's assistant; Flashback, which has three chapters (two of them I helped as a scriptwriter). My English is full of flaws and predicaments and my prose is not the best, so do my coffee , but at least I can help with the script and plot flaws (I like to eat cheese). So please, let me help you helping me. I can read fast and read everything (except, maybe, Elsa getting a pedicure while having a brain tumor removal. And an abortion. Maybe).

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