Proofreader / PlayTester + FULLREAD [Free] [Paid (tips)]

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Proofreader / PlayTester + FULLREAD [Free] [Paid (tips)]

#1 Post by catgame21234 » Thu Jan 11, 2018 3:40 pm

Hello! I am Catti, and I am planing on making my own game and in my In order to do that I need to look at other games and see how they handel their scrips, characters, and their stories.

I am an illustration major but I do enjoy a wide range of topics from science, lore, myth, and so on. I am willing to read any draft of a script you send to me and I will go through it adding in my own comments.

I am willing to read through any game type you pitch to me, 18+ both horror and lude, short games, long games, scrips. Name it I'll read it.

As for the FULL READ
For now on this is a free survus but in the future I might restrict this option to payed.
If you have a finnished game or request it with a writen script I will play through your game and given a writen discription of everything I see infront of me. I have two examples with me, first are two screenshots from one game that I was a beta reader for as they call it. I wont be giving the name of the game since I do not have permission to show you the whole document, but my reactions will be both genuin but at the same time insightful.

In short they will range for strong critics to meme images to best convey my reaction at that given time since you lack the visual feed back of seeing me in person reading it.

And at the end of it once i hand you the document I will give you a proper more "constructed" critic of your artwork that you have showned to me.
I do not care if some gameplay elements are not in place yet, I will write down everything I see and exsperance. The lack of artwork will not detur me from your work. Your writing will not be torn to the ground. It's just a genuin reaction to every I read.

If you do not mind spoilers for the 9 year old game called 999 the attachment I took notes of my thoughts and reactions wile playing the game as well. It is not fully the same for these where analytical notes for myself, so I did not write down every reaction, but it gives you a WIDE range of what would be covered. And for anyone who wants to know, I got the SUB ending. ... sp=sharing

Know that what you see in the link is the "fragmented" version of what you would get from me.

I won't be good for spellcheck or other things of that nature In fact im not even going back to edit my typos too much just to drive that point more (tho if i do see glaring spelling errors and bad habits such as this I will call you out on it).
Insted I am much more focused on flow and rythm of your work. :)
I will point out the good of it, the bad of it, and the ugly.
If you are interested, a conversation like this would be great to be held live chat, so contact me on discord useing my name.


Lastly, I run a Mac so if you may port it that would be appreshated. However I do have wine to emulate any exe files you happen to throw myway.
Also I would appreciate payed tips at the end if you're satisifed with the result. Depending on the langth of what you send me, (1 to 3 hours worth of content) It may take me up to 3 to 5 hours of my time in my day to get this done. Payment may be just monitory, but i am open for partnerships and other needs and trades if you wish.

just to sum it all up because I relized I went on for a wile there.

•I focus on flow of the writing and there for ignore things that are clearly not going to be in the final product
•I will give genuine reactions to what I read / play.
•I'm an artist so I'll happily give writing advice if it is a demo I am playing.
•After my reactions I will then sit down with you and have a proper and more seriously worded critic of your work after it is all said and done.
•Tips are appreciated but can come in many forms.
•The best way to get ahold of me is via discord [ catti #7142 ]
But of corse you can PM me as well, and email me at
Oy! Just call me Catti.
An inspiring developer but mostly artist. You can see my artwork here.
(Qualified to give proper critique for art.)

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Re: Proofreader / PlayTester + FULLREAD [Free] [Paid (tips)]

#2 Post by Helyees » Mon Jan 29, 2018 6:14 am

Very supportive and idea rich creator. I got so many great insights and ideas from Catti that I lost count! :) A strong recommendation! :!:

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