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Writer and Translator

#1 Post by Zeekee » Mon Mar 26, 2018 1:20 am

Hey, everyone!

After writing on my own for a few years, I figured I'd offer up my services for you nice folks here on the Lemma Soft Forums. My current area of study is computer engineering, but I'm confident enough in my ability as an author to write just about anything you throw at me. Researching, world-building, and character design are my greatest strengths--in my opinion--and I'm willing to do any level of research and planning necessary to bring your story to vivid fruition. My favorite genres include science fiction, mystery, and anything that delves super-deep into explaining the mechanics of a fictional universe. I've got no qualms about having to write anything, though. If you're into some bizarre stuff and need an author that won't leave you hanging at the first mention of tentacle hentai or Sonichu fanfics, then I'm 100% your guy.

Additionally, I have a minor in Japanese and spent a semester at the NDA in Japan as an exchange cadet, so I would be comfortable doing any kind of translation work you might have.

Here's the rundown on my pricing:
Writing -- $0.04/word
Translations -- $0.02/word
I'll literally mail you a homemade ham sandwich -- $5 + shipping

Questions or inquiries? Shoot me an email at brettmatthewmartin0@gmail.com and I'll get back to you as soon as humanly possible!

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