Writing, Editing and Proofreading (Also Offering Outlines & Story Development, World-Building, etc..) [Free/Paid]

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Writing, Editing and Proofreading (Also Offering Outlines & Story Development, World-Building, etc..) [Free/Paid]

#1 Post by ketskari » Tue May 15, 2018 1:31 am

5¢/ word for original story content
2¢/ word for editing, copy-editing, or proofreading

I am quite comfortable with Ren'Py format, and have experience with multiple other interactive formats (Twine, Ink, Choicescript). Provided it is not extraordinarily difficult to learn, I will happily write text in your preferred format.

Outlines, World-Building and Other Flat Fee Projects
I can also help create outlines from your ideas and concepts and develop world-building documents to give to multiple writers working on the same projects. I can make world-building documents for any genre. Please describe your requirements and I will provide a quote.

Outlines - $15+
From your ideas and criteria, I can craft an outline that can be handed to a writer. The cost of the outline will be affected by the complexity story, particularly with a large number of endings (for a branching visual novel). The outline can be coded into Ren'Py for a small additional fee (price dependent on the size of the outline).

World-building Document - $25-$250
World-building documents allow you to keep complex story worlds organized between multiple writers. This tends to be appropriate for fantasy, science fiction, or any genre heavily reliant on complex rules or technology.

Constructed Language - $25-50
Do you want your own Klingon or Elvish? This covers a simple constructed language with phonemes, verbs, and basic grammar.
Constructed Language with a hand-illustrated and designed alphabet including a font - $450+

I usually prefer to be credited as ketskari.

I can work in any genre. I will work on romantic, but not on erotic, content.

Prior Works
You can see previous projects I have worked on on my website, here.

Free or Discount Projects
I am currently looking for small writing, editing, and copy-editing projects to build my portfolio. I'd work for free on the first 8,000 words as a writer, and provide feedback on projects ranging from 20-30,000 words that are in need of either overall edits, or the full process including copy-editing and proofreading. I have worked with text by Non-English speakers before.

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