I write stuff [Free/Paid]

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I write stuff [Free/Paid]

#1 Post by Red-Baby » Wed May 30, 2018 2:53 am

Hey Yo and Hello Everyone!

At the moment I am very interested in writing more adult content (yes, sex scenes). I usually write light-hearted stories so I want to expand my skill set by trying something different.

The Alchemist - Introduction Script

Free/Trade:(Only for Non-Commercial Games - I am VERY picky)

Here is a list of things I am willing to and not willing to write about:
NSFW (depending on content)
LGBT relationships (Yaoi, Yuri, Trans, etc)

NSFW (some content I will not write)

- I accept USD payment through paypal -
- Make request including word count -> I'll accept or decline -> I work on google docs -> Projects smaller than 10,000 words pay upon completion -> Projects larger than 10k words pay every 10k words -
- If you have a deadline please let me know when making the request -
- I can be very picky about what I write, please give me an idea of the story you want so that I can properly inform you if I can accept your request or not -


Accepting projects between 1,000 to 30,000 words ($0.02 per word)
DemiDato: the Demo (Mako's route)
Free! Arabian Nights

Code: Select all

Ma “HELL-OOO, nya!”
G “She’s so loud! I’d cover my ears if I had any.”
Ma “I’m Mako and I’m 19 years old, nya! Well, technically I’m 22, if you count my first life.”
Ma “That’s right! Cats really do have nine lives! Nya.”
G “Why does she keep saying nya? It is like a cat-people lisp?”
Ma “I’m a huge fan of the show! Nya.”
G “No, seriously, please. Make it stop.”
Ma “I’ve been watching DemiDato since I was a kitten, and I still tune in all the time, nya! I just love the host’s sharp tongue and blunt personality! Nya!”
G "What is it about me that attracts such loud and annoying fans?"
Ma “Hehe, I’ve never filmed an audition tape for a show before, nya. I’m a little nervous so I hope I don’t ramble on for too long.”
g “Me too.”
Ma “Here goes…”
Ma “Nya, here are a few reasons why you should pick ME to be a contestant on the next season of DemiDato!”
Ma “First, I would bring a pawsitive attitude to the show.”
Ma “I’m supurr friendly and I love to talk so there would never be a dull moment! Nya!”
G “Puns are kind of my area. I don’t know if this show’s big enough for the two of us.”
Ma “I really mean it! I love to talk, nya!”
G “Okay…”
Ma “There’s never any awkward silence when I’m around! Nya!”
G “Alright, we get it!”
Ma “Also, I have just the right amount of quirkiness! Nya!”
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Re: I write stuff [Free/Paid]

#2 Post by hyesunxoxo » Wed May 30, 2018 4:25 am

I highly recommend Red. On top of her amazing professionalism, she's a pleasure to work with and you'll find yourself needing more and more of her service. She responds quickly, and gets the job done on time, or much earlier if need be. In addition to that, you might want to hire someone who has ACTUAL experience in the community - this girl is a jack of all trade and knows what she's doing. Her art is top notch, and her writing has this sweet aura that leaves you reading more and more with a light heart.

As long as I can make visual novels, I'll always be looking to collaborate with Red so make sure you get the other slot because I'm securing mine ;)
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Re: I write stuff [Free/Paid]

#3 Post by Red-Baby » Mon Nov 19, 2018 7:17 am

Thank you hyesun =] You're so sweet!

I've updated the thread to reflect my current situation.

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