Professional Writer/Editor/Proofreader Seeking Paid Work

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Professional Writer/Editor/Proofreader Seeking Paid Work

#1 Post by The Forgotten Quill » Mon Sep 17, 2018 8:19 pm

My name is Jamie Destouet and I have a BA in Professional Writing with Minors in creative writing, English, technical writing and graphic design. I have been working as an editor, copywriter, writer, quality management, with assistant graphic design for about 21 years and have experience in publishing and game design.

Visual Novel Experience:
I'm working for Parival, LLC on their first BL visual novel, 1st Degree. In the two months I have been working and co-writing with Paradise (creator/developer), I have contributed over 100k words and evolved multiple storylines for over half a dozen characters. I have been integral in three-dimensional character development, expanding the creative world, creating dynamic dialogue, and developing both interactive and linear routes of the storytelling process.
  • Co-write in script format
  • Edit
  • Proofread

Non-Visual Novel Experience:
Please see the following link for my resume: Resume


Writing: What you'll get.
Sample 1: A Little Request
Sample 2: The Refused
Sample 3: (NSFW)

So, you have an idea of something a little off the wall, dark, violent, taboo, or otherwise a story or content dealing with "uncomfortable issues". To me, writing involves all themes and some of the most dynamic and intriguing are the ones that do not conform to social norms. Perhaps you don't have a friend you trust. Perhaps you don't have family who would understand the content of your work. If you feel like discussing an idea for a script, short story, outline, novel, etc., would make you a perpetual outcast within your social circles, but you believe fully in your work and are committed to its themes--I'd love to help.

**Specialize in NSFW scenes**

Will work with:
  • Storyboard
  • Outline
  • Co-writing
  • Solo Writing
  • Script
  • Screenplay
  • Short stories
  • Novels/Novellas
  • Poetry
  • Sexual themes of all genders
Editing/Proofreading: What you'll get.
After over 20 years of editing everything from creative to technical writing, I believe that the creator deserves to be worked with rather than overwritten. My process involves good and constant communication when making changes and in-depth analysis and reasoning behind minor or major changes required. This can be anything from punctuation and grammar, to consistency in character development, to variations of major plot points, in an effort to enhance the story's readability, continuity, and flow.

Will work with:
  • Same as writing.

Terms of Service:
1-In order to start a project, I would need to feel that I could confidently and positively contribute to its success.
2-If time is limited, and I could not complete the project within the desired window, I would decline.
3-Payment must be up front or in installments. (Willing to work with Kickstarter projects, but need some form of upfront payment. Can be negotiated.)
4-DOs: Pretty much everything (including NSFW all genders).
5-DON'Ts: Anything that I feel perpetuates or illuminates in a positive light the ideas of radical religion, alt-right fanaticism, or anything that incites violence on a mass scale. Please note this does not include stories dealing with sci-fi end of the world concepts or stories that use any of the previous themes to construct a story regarding overcoming racism, discrimination, subjugation, oppression, etc. Again, this will be subject to my perception of the subject matter and how it is used.
6-Ask if you're unsure.
7-Must give me credit if any part of my work is used.



  • SLOW RATE: 1 hour per day. $0.025 per word. No maximum amount of words.
  • NORMAL RATE: 3 hours per day. $0.04 per word. No maximum amount of words.
  • RUSH RATE: 5 hours per day. $0.06 per word. Limit-30k words per month
  • SLOW RATE: 1 hour per day. $15 per +/-1000 words. No maximum amount of words.
  • NORMAL RATE: 3 hours per day. $25 per +/-1000 words. No maximum amount of words.
  • RUSH RATE: 5 hours per day. $35 per +/-1000 words. Limit-50k words per month
**All commercial work has a 10% commercial fee**
**Non-commercial work has a 5% payment fee**


If you are interested, please contact me through one of the following methods. REFERENCE:
If you need a reference, please contacting Paradise at

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