[PAID] Experienced writer offering editing and consulting

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[PAID] Experienced writer offering editing and consulting

#1 Post by Vogue » Thu Dec 20, 2018 6:10 pm

Hey folks. I recently shipped a game and am currently looking for work as I figure out what I'm creating next.

I'm offering developmental editing (high level editing/feedback on your story) for $.05 per word and copyediting (micro editing/rewriting) for $.10 per word. I'm not available for proof-reading. I prefer to leave comments in Google Docs, but I'm not against working in .rpy or a game client if your project is pretty far along.

Additionally, if you're looking for consulting on less material matters like game/narrative design, contact me via PM and we can chat. For all my services, I will need to be interested in your work to proceed.

Add me on Discord at Vogue#0492 if you’d like to chat.


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