[Paid] Editor/Proofreader [OPEN]

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[Paid] Editor/Proofreader [OPEN]

#1 Post by mamep21 » Thu Apr 11, 2019 8:05 pm

Hello, everyone! I'm mamep21, an editor and proofreader for hire.
I formerly worked as an editor for television subtitles for Warner Bros., and now work freelance.

What I'll do as your editor
I'll provide comments/suggestions on improving script syntax and flow, and overall story/plot and character development, along with proofreading.
- I offer sample edits of two pages from your work for you to see if you'd like to work with me.

What I'll do as your proofreader
- For proofreading on its own, I'll comb your work for spelling/grammatical errors and otherwise help improve things mechanically.

Projects I can work with
I'm open to everything safe for work (SFW). Content that is not safe for work (NSFW) is limited to mild violent or sexual content/themes. Think Teen or Mature ESRB ratings, or PG-13 and 'low' R ratings in films. By 'low R', I mean the kind of R-rated film you wouldn't mind your teenager watching on their own. This is negotiable, though you must give me full disclosure of the kind of content prior to me accepting your work.
Genre-wise, I have a preference toward fantasy, historical, and mystery/detective, and I'm most experienced in working with fantasy. This doesn't mean I'm not open to others, of course.
My writing style is more influenced by film and television than it is by books, so I have an eye for good imagery, pacing, and scene composition if you want to improve this in your work.

Current Projects
- A Bureau of Monsters by Pumpkin Spike

For an editing job, I charge $0.02 USD (two cents) per word, and for proofreading I charge $0.005 USD (half a cent) per word.
All prices are determined by the total word count of your document(s) before I've touched them. I default to a '50% of the quote up front, remaining 50% upon completion' payment, though this is negotiable.
I accept payment through PayPal, the email for which is given below.

- As editor, I request to be credited in your work as such.
- I reserve the right to decline work for any reason. (Though you probably shouldn't worry.)

Email: max120@gmail.com
Twitter: mamep21
PMs on Lemma Soft are also open, though I most recommend contacting me by email.

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