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{OPEN}EN-JP-PT-SP-GLG Translator, Writer, & Editor{PAID}

#1 Post by KissOfDeath » Mon Jul 01, 2019 10:34 pm

I'm Jahnarah aka KissOfDeath. I recently graduated from college and have copious amounts of free time while I search for a full-time job. Therefore, I'm here to offer you my services! My rates are below. Genres/themes I'll work with: otome, romance, fantasy, historical, slice of life, steampunk, dystopian and mature content. Genres/themes I won't work with: horror, yandere, gore, excessive violence, and non-consensual adult content.

I am a native English speaker who is fluent in Japanese and an advanced Spanish, Portuguese, and Galician speaker. Rates are 0.03USD/word (Japanese), 0.02USD/word (Spanish/Portuguese/Galician).

I am currently a copyeditor for 0.01USD/word; I can get around 20-30k out per week.

While I'm not new to playing VNs (~7 years strong), I am new to writing them. Therefore, I wouldn't mind working with a team on a small project. Rate is 0.01USD/word.

Email kwahkwah4122@gmail.com for inquiries and to request a writing sample. Hope to hear from you!

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