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✻ Novice Passion Writer and Editor For Hire! ✻

#1 Post by chara234 » Fri Jul 19, 2019 11:45 am

To Those Searching for a Hired Pen,

My name is Chara. I am searching for projects and stories that passionate developers are trying to form, and I hope that I can become a part of the creative process! Writing for a visual novel is something of a new experience for me. It is true that I have written tens of thousands of words in short stories and novels, and of course personal poems is something I find quite entertaining, but writing for a visual novel will be a new experience that I would be happy to take.

What this means for you is that my writings tend to be more detailed and in-depth. Of course one could see this as a good thing, but I am afraid that I might prattle on for a bit too long at times. This of course, is easily fixed! But do bare this in mind when receiving first drafts.

What I Like to Write: Anything from Fantasy to Modern to Horror are my strong suits, with Romance of course to tie it all together. Personally I am very passionate about drama, and I delight in making the characters feel tangible. A sense of reliability, a hint of weakness can really sell a character, and what's most important to me is that the characters feel like people you could meet. If I strive for anything in my writing, it is this first and foremost.

Points of View: Personally I am most experienced with first and second point of view literature. I find that putting the player into the characters shoes is the best way to trap a player into your visual novel/game. Third person point of view of course, is no problem, and holds a very important element the other two simply cannot achieve and that's flexibility Oh and don't think for a second that a visual novel couldn't work in any of these points of view! 2nd person is highly underrated.

Availability: I'm on a weird sleep schedule. Message me on Discord (info at the bottom.) Or email me and I'll reply as soon as I wake up.

Payment: As this will be my first paid work in a long, long time, I'll simply charge 0.015 c per word. That means 1000 words will be a smooth $15. This of course includes editing and proofreading and making sure that what is written is what we want on the page. A discount may be applied under certain circumstances as they are brought up. Do know that a discount will likely be applied for anything yuri! (Girls liking girls is just so cute!)

My payment is through Paypal only.

Contact: The best way to contact me is to add me on discord under Chara#1014! I'll reply the fastest there, however, I also do have an email at chariskblog@gmail.com. Contact me in one of those two places, tell me a bit about what you are looking for, what story you have in mind, and what role I can fill in the creative process (from editor to lead writer) and we'll have some fun! If you want a sample of my writing I will be happy to send you one upon request.


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