Writer with Story Looking for a Team [FREE/PAID]

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Writer with Story Looking for a Team [FREE/PAID]

#1 Post by runaruan » Sun Jul 21, 2019 3:45 pm

I'm looking for a team that'll help bring this story to life. I know a lot of teams usually start with an established story, so here is mine to work with:

Edith Victoria

I've written for years but nothing really substantial. I've done a few big bangs and scribblings here and there, participated in writer workshops, etc. I'm not a professional writer but I've been a copywriter and write for enjoyment nowadays:
Narrative Form Sample
Narrative Form Sample (NSFW)
Short Form Romance

Steampunk, action, adventure, romance. There are 9 routes/endings. It's about 10% done, so maybe 1,000,000 word count. I've been poking at this story for 5+ years and just getting ready to execute it.

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