[INACTIVE][paid/unpaid] Translator/proofreader/writer (and more)

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[INACTIVE][paid/unpaid] Translator/proofreader/writer (and more)

#1 Post by caryoscelus » Tue Jul 23, 2019 9:23 am

Hi there,

Once trying to make my own VN projects, but never having completed anything beyond miniatures (i'm still hoping to return some day though), i'm now looking to work on other's free culture projects. Generally looking for paid work, but if i really like what you're doing i might be interested in joining for free. Please note: i don't care if it's commercial or not, but i will only participate in projects which are going to be released as free/libre software (in other words, code should be open source) & free culture (CC-BY/CC-BY-SA or similar).


My native language is russian, second language is english and i have experience writing in and translating between both of them. I also know some lojban and japanese and some scraps of other languages.


Most reasonable would be to ask me translating in russian <-> english pair, though if you can't find anyone more fit for the task, i can try others as well.

I can also translate poetry into russian & english, provided there is a non-poetic translation into one of these languages (or original is in one of them).

Proofreading / editing

I don't have much experience, but if for some reason you want me to proofread or even edit your work, feel free to ask.


I'm not looking for any big writing jobs (i'd be busy with my big writing projects if i'd be capable of predictably writing on a big scale), but if you want me as a guest writer or something for a couple thousand words or less, feel free to ask.


I also do other things for VNs, in particular music. Also, bah, programming. I will add links to posts in other sections as i make them.

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