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Posted: Mon Jul 29, 2019 5:41 am
by P_B_Lindberg

My name is P.B. Lindberg and I'm an author and a worldbuilder.
I've recently published my first book called: The battle of the broken mind and I'm now searching for more projects to work on.
My main genres are fantasy and romance, but I'm also interested in horror and sci-fi to a certain degree.

My style of writing is extremely emotional and descriptive; both of them being great traits in any text. I enjoy writing a touching and deep stories the most, for emotion is extremely important to me. :D

The cover of my newest book

My way of working is the following:
  • I talk about the project with you
  • We negotiate the price (Which usually is 0.06 per word) and the number of words required
  • We start talking about the actual story and the characters etc
  • I give you an estimate of the time needed to finish the writing
  • I write the text
(I prefer to get paid in parts, so we both are assured to get what we need.)
The price is not carved in stone, so we can talk about it!

I have a few scenes that I could show you as a demo.
If you got interested or have any questions, just send me a PM or use the contact info down below!
Cheers everyone! :wink:
- P.B. Lindberg