[OPEN][PAID/FREE] Writer|CopyWriter|Editing|ProofReader|Critique looking for overlord

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[OPEN][PAID/FREE] Writer|CopyWriter|Editing|ProofReader|Critique looking for overlord

#1 Post by Salazar the Roe » Tue Jul 30, 2019 3:43 am

Hello There stranger
The name Salazar the roe, but not a roe. I'm a Newbie writer and aspiring sidekick would like to offer my service here.

A man without honor is honorless once a certain Wiseman said, therefore I will help you make your dream story with a thick plot and massive reference and helping you be the god you are.

What I do ?

Character Creation: I can help you create your feti- ideal character. Main Character, Heroine or Side-Character you name it!
World Creation: Imagine a world where an Owlbear talk with Russian accent or Genghis Khan is a dragon rider instead of horse. Create your own world with me alongside you!
Story: The vast and wide imaginative idea for you to use, I will help you create the best/worst story to date!
Writing: Write your idea with me, the fluid writing of my work will immerse you in your own idea!
Proofreading: You ave script already? let me help you reimagining your story by fixing weird words!
Copyediting: Fell unsatisfied with your work? Let me add some spice in the world you create!
Critique/Feedback: Feel in the need for spe- opinion? Look no more as I the humble sidekick will give the best opinion!

Genre you say?
I can help you as hard as I can in:
Slice of Life

Rates? Oh, payment!
Writing : $0.04 per word ($4/100 word)
CopyEditing : $0.03 per word ($3/100 word) from the number of words you have in your story
Proofreading : $0.02 per word ($2/100 word) from the number of words you have in your story
Character creation : FREE I even throw you short synopsis about the character
World Creation: FREE I just like playing god
Critique/Feedback : FREE I'm a sadist, I gain energy from people's mistake. It's a pleasure for me to nicely listing your work ungoodness.
Have a conversation : FREE We all are lonely people, so no shame if you just want to talk I will gladly have a talk with you.

Some Terms before I'm at your service
1. Be responsible for the work for both of our sake (After all we manage the world you/me create)
2. Create a timeline for our work (cause deadline makes people work hard)
3. Be open and straight with me about the work and sometimes angry If you feel I'm underperformance

One of my sample if you interested in looking at my things :wink: : https://docs.google.com/document/d/1u3F ... sp=sharing

Interested in having me as your sidekick? you can contact me at Discord @SalazarautocracY#6795 or email: owlofrage@gmail.com
An eager Writer, Editor, StoryCritique, StoryCreating, Proofreader, and easy person to talk to. Looking for work and also sometimes giving work.

Like owl and cat and sleeping and reading weird story. Normal follower of Cthulu and super religious Atheist.

Hail Tiamat and the cult of Methuselah.

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