Translators to Brazilian-Portuguesefor hire [paid/unpaid]

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Translators to Brazilian-Portuguesefor hire [paid/unpaid]

#1 Post by BB Translators » Thu Aug 15, 2019 10:58 am

Hi there! I’m from Blue Bowling Translators, my name is Michelle. We are VNs enthusiasts of anime and visual novels, and our goal is to share those games with the rest of Brazil. We often offer our translation services to game developers, free of charge (for short or debut games) or letting the gamedev choose how much they see fit to pay us.

We've already translated some games from Steam, like Crush Crush (as part of a bigger crew), King of Bali, King of Texas, King of Phoenix, King of Queendoms, Jake’s Love Story, and recently The Hex (all AWESOME games that you should check it out).
If you’re interested into translating your games to Brazilian Portuguese, turning your game accessible to 207,7 millions people, please contact us from Blue Bowling Studios :D

You can get in touch by our twitter @StdBlueBowling or by email :wink:

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