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[Open] Multimedia Writer/Editor

#1 Post by Desertopa » Sat Aug 31, 2019 9:23 pm

I'm Desertopa, and I've been writing on the internet in various forms for about fifteen years, since that name first appeared in fantasy roleplays (as a six inch long lizard and honorary dragon.) Since then I've kept the name, but experimented with a wide variety of styles and formats. I aim to be not just a writer who works in various media, but a writer who's attentive to the unique strengths and styles of each medium. Hopefully, I've at least achieved something more than the status of "writer who occasionally fucks around with RPGMaker and Ren'Py."

I am currently looking into spending a greater portion of my life providing the following services for strangers on the internet:


I will write outlines, worldbuilding, and full scripts from the ground up. For visual novel scripts, I enjoy working directly with sprite dynamics (if the writer doesn't know exactly what the sprites should be doing at any time, who does?) I will even, if that's the sort of service you're looking for, write the lengths of the conversational pauses.

My prices range from clearance aisle cheap, for works where I'm being given an excuse to write something I would have wanted to do anyway, to "throw a bucket of money at me and see if it sticks" for works on the far opposite end. My True Neutral default price hovers around $.025 per word.

Content which tends to move me in the -CHEAP!- direction:
Fantasy/Adventure with original worldbuilding
Nuanced political conflict
Romance involving chemistry and rapport between developed characters

Content which tends to move me in the XXPENSIVE direction:
Non-distinctive or audience cypher protagonists
Sexual violence
Sci-fi dystopias (go ahead and ask me why!)

Note on NSFW content: I am not only willing to write works containing 18+ content, I aspire to be the best 18+ content writer there is. I am 100% serious.


I offer services ranging from proofreading to full copy-editing. For editing services, I prefer to discuss payment rates only after viewing the piece to be edited, since different works may vary dramatically in the amount of polish needed. Don't hesitate to run any editing positions by me; discussion is always free!


Text scenes. (Short dialogues written for a text-based game)

VN scene (Key for sprite directions not included)

RPGMaker scenes. (1:38 and 6:45 videos)

18+ animated game scene. (Animator directions not included. Warning: Contains disappointment.)

Message me directly on LemmaSoft, or contact me via Discord. Desertopa#0583

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