[OPEN] ✧ iridscnt's proofreading ✧ [paid/free]

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[OPEN] ✧ iridscnt's proofreading ✧ [paid/free]

#1 Post by iridscnt » Mon Oct 21, 2019 1:32 pm

hi there!! i'm iridscnt, or you can call me angela. i have plenty of experience with writing and editing in general - i've done roleplay for fun, and i'm currently working as a consultant for college application essays, where i heavily edit/refine/write students' essays (i've done this kind of work for ~3 years, previously as a volunteer). i've also been a SAT writing instructor, where all i taught all day was grammar, so i can guarantee you that your project will be in good shape for any grammar-related issues!! more generally, i've been interested in working on some games to get more experience under my belt. currently i'm taking a gap year, so i will have plenty of time to focus on this work!

my services include:
editing/proofreading: my grammar skills will def come in handy for this! i can look over your script to correct any grammar issues or just make it sound more fluent if your native language isn't english.

idea bouncing: if you need another person to exchange ideas with and see what pieces will fit the best together, i can help you with that too!

character design/sprites/cgs (linked to my other thread): this is technically more of my forte aside from proofreading, but i can also help out with this as well! i don't mind drawing a chibi or two if you want some promo art or something : )

as for pricing, i'd love to help out for free if your project will be released non-commercially! however, if your game will be commercial, i will be expecting some pay, which i can work with you to figure out. in any case, please PM me if you're interested, thank you! : )

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Re: [OPEN] ✧ iridscnt's proofreading ✧ [paid/free]

#2 Post by Johan » Fri Nov 15, 2019 8:49 pm

Sent you a PM!
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