Script Writer and Editor/Proofreader for Hire! [PAID]

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Script Writer and Editor/Proofreader for Hire! [PAID]

#1 Post by QtPaTT » Sun Nov 17, 2019 10:02 pm

Hello! My name is Alia and I would love to help work on all your future projects and endeavors!

I have five years experience as a transcriptionist. Currently, my main occupation is transcribing court cases which have to be in "impeccable" condition before I submit them for use. So, you know I have to be a professional at proofreading!

As far as references go, I have Askiisoft, the game developer for Katana Zero; I can have him send you an email, if needed. He is aware of the work I have done!
Also, I have some friends who have worked at Serenity Forge and a friend who works for Twitch development; just let me know if you would like to contact them and I can share there information to get ahold of them.

I am have vast knowledge in all kind of writing formats and can easily write out text in a coding ready fashion!

Currently, I am working on a project of my own. There will be a couple examples/excerpts at the bottom of this post.

I don't have any released work, but have worked three, strenuous years on my current visual novel, Memoir of Inflorescence. Here is the Facebook Page for my upcoming visual novel:
I have a couple more social media sites for my game, if you wanted to see more, just ask!

As a writer, I enjoy utilizing diction that is pictorial; even with simple visuals, my text could eloquently explain a scene you could easily visualize in your head.

Also, if it means anything, I work swiftly; I never seem to get burnt out with writing and can supply drafts/final edits whenever needed.

I don't have any set rates and wouldn't be opposed to you making an offer; whether it be a flat rate or hourly.

To contact me, my email is or send me a message on here!

Here are some short excerpts from my visual novel as example of my writing style:

Description of a scene:

“You strip off your filthy wears and toss them into the washing machine, along with a basket filled with Grandma’s nightgowns and her hideously embroidered, old lady sweaters.” “In your undergarments, you reach for the detergent and pour a generous amount in with the load.” “After turning the dial and setting the machine to wash, you swing open the dryer door and dig out all the clean clothes into the laundry bin to rummage through.” “You pull out your beloved PJ bottoms, knowing that the matching top will surely follow.” “The fabric was a little worn and if you looked hard enough, you’d notice stains, but it was still as comfy as it’s always been.”

Dialogue from a wise, philosopher (who happens to be a Sage plant):

“Bold move, Fleur.” “Well, I have been theorizing since our first introduction and I speculate it may be one of three things.” “Foremost, your cerebellum must have evolved beyond comprehension and you now can recognize plant speech.” “Or maybe you're flora in the body of a human.” “Not sure if it’s a parasitic or symbiotic relationship…” “Lastly, there is a possibility this could be something spiritual.” “I’m not the one for religion, but if this occurrence is evidence of a higher being, then call me a believer!”

Dialogue between the protagonist and a misanthrope (who happens to be a Thistle plant/weed):

Fleur: “You don’t understand…” “Not everyone is the same.” “Why would I let you remain in the garden, then?” “You’re…”

Thistle: “What?” “A weed?” “A useless pest?” “A prickly eyesore?” “I’m the last thing anyone wants to see sprouting in their garden…” “Why couldn’t I have grown in some far away forest, away from civilization?”

Fleur: “I-I don’t compare anyone in the garden.” “You’re a plant…” “You’re my...friend.”

Thistle: “Your friend?” “Pathetic.” “You sound ridiculous.” “Wait...” “The same goes for me, actually.” “I don’t see you humans any different.” “You’re all identical; complete fucking monsters.”

Fleur: “Thistle, I know that it’s hard to trust someone like me…” “In fact, I don’t expect you to open up to me anytime soon, but I want you to know that I’ll continue to take care of you and everyone in the garden.” “If words won’t persuade you, my actions surely will.”

Thistle: “Don’t humor me.” “Even your pure, honest grandmother killed off the last of my family.” “I will NEVER put my faith in you.”

Description of a scene (in this case, a kitchen):

“The kitchen is quaint and simple, giving off a vintage vibe.” “The tiles are checkered; signs of wear are present, but it conveys character.” “A wooden oak table and four chairs are placed in the middle of the room.” “The house is too tiny for a dining area, so it resides here.” “Beige, classic cabinets are plastered on the crows feet walls.” “A white, double doored refrigerator rumbles in the background, arguing with the rain.” “Even the appliances are old fashioned.” “The cream counters are spotless; atop them lay a coffee maker, microwave, and a toaster.” “An old, gas stove with four burners stands beside the stainless steel sink, filled to the brim with dirty dishes.” “Like any grandmother’s home, there is a pantry containing copious amounts of food.” “You move towards the soiled kitchen sink.”

Thank you for reading and I hope that you will choose me to aid in the production of your future projects.

Have a wonderful day! (:

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