[open][free] Writer, Editor and Programmer Looking for Intriguing Project

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[open][free] Writer, Editor and Programmer Looking for Intriguing Project

#1 Post by Mutive » Mon Nov 25, 2019 2:08 pm

Hey all! I just finished a project and wouldn't mind working on another, so am reaching out to see if anyone is interested in having me on board. Feel free to message me here or comment and I'll respond. More about me below.

Background/Experience: I've published three VNs on my own, the most notable of which are Eidolon and Minion! which have approximately 1K downloads each. (Those for Eidolon are growing as it's only been out for about a month on Itch.io and a week on Steam.) I'm also familiar with the Steam Direct process. Feel free to check out any of my games for a sense of my writing style and my programming abilities. (This is particularly true for the later section of Eidolon.) They're all free, so what do you have to lose? :lol:

Writing-wise, I've had short stories published in Daily Science Fiction, Penumbra and Every Day Fiction, among others. I am also a senior editor at Allegory.

Programming-wise, I work as a data analyst by day and know Python decently. I hate to say I can do "anything" (who can), but I enjoy a challenge.

What I'm looking for: I ideally want a game with an interesting concept that will be completed. I'd like either a team that has completed projects before or a team that already has significant assets completed. (Mostly because I don't want to put in a lot of work just to have the art never be completed because ~*reasons*~.)

I'm okay with NSFW, although if your concept is that the player will talk to a girl before she takes off her clothing and moans, I'm probably not the best person for your team.

Beyond that, I like all genres. Science fiction, fantasy, satire and historical fiction are favorites, but I also like contemporary, romance and mystery. I'm open to almost anything.

What I'm not looking for: I don't want a game that's in its super early initiation stages, unless it's a situation where I'm not expected to produce much until other assets are completed. (Or it's with an experienced team that has a track record of completing games.)

I also don't copy edit. If your goal is to have spelling errors and minor programming errors corrected (e.g. your lines aren't indented correctly), I'm not interested. I am happy to do more substantiative work and/or troubleshoot larger issues.

Timeline and rates: I can generally write around 1K words per day, although I take time off. (Especially if I'm not being paid.) But generally I am fairly fast and prompt. I can edit around 3K words a day, again with the understanding that I will take time off occasionally.

I'm not the best with Discord. I have it, and will log on from time to time, but tend to be more of an email user. (Mostly because I work long hours and do all of this as a hobby during my off hours.)

I'm happy to work for free, especially with free to play releases. If everyone else is being compensated (e.g. revenue sharing), I do want to be compensated as makes sense for the amount of effort put into the game. You can also choose to pay me if it's in your budget. I will rarely turn down payment. :) (And it may make me more open to a project/prioritize it above other projects.)
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Re: [open][free] Writer, Editor and Programmer Looking for Intriguing Project

#2 Post by alexei » Thu Feb 06, 2020 6:13 pm

Hi there, are you interested for my project perhaps? - viewtopic.php?f=59&t=57996

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