[CLOSED] Writer looking for work [FREE/PAID]

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[CLOSED] Writer looking for work [FREE/PAID]

#1 Post by NATO » Sun Jan 05, 2020 7:37 pm


My name is Nato and I'm a scriptwriter looking for a project (or maybe multiple small projects) to work on.

I'm willing to work as part of a team of writers, provide individual scenes for works with other writers attached, or take on solo writing roles. Anything really!

So far I've mainly worked on film scripts (3rd year film student here 🤪) rather than VNs, but I've done some writing on some of my own unreleased VN projects and I've played a lot of them, so I know how it works. I'm basically looking for stuff to write to keep busy until I can afford to finance my own projects, and maybe make some friends and contacts in the process.

I give good rates, with anything under 10k words free (meaning even if I write 50k for you, you wont pay for the first 10).

The exception for this NSFW scenes, which are always $0.06/word no matter how long the project is.

Words between 10k and 50k are 3 cent each, and after that I'm willing to negotiate depending on the project.

You can find some sample work and more info on my website:

Feel free to hit me up here, on discord (NATO#3389), or via email at:

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