[OPEN][Paid/Free] Translator from English to Spanish and vice versa

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[OPEN][Paid/Free] Translator from English to Spanish and vice versa

#1 Post by KevinJay » Thu Feb 27, 2020 9:12 am

Hello, my name is KevinJay, I usually go by Jay, and my services are translation, from English to Spanish and vice versa, as well as my proofreading!

I've known Spanish my whole life, coming from a Spanish speaking household and thus am fluent in both speaking and writing. As far as my experience goes, I've only done 1 on 1 tutoring courses in Spanish for high school students as well as proofreading their work for a year in total.

Since I haven't had the experience needed to garner attention to work on projects, my price is as follows.

Paid Commercial Projects: $5 every 1000 words, which equals $0.05 per word.

Free Projects: I will work on projects that aren't commercially sold or demos to preexisting VNs.

Genres that I would/wouldn't want to work on:




- Overly sexual fetish type projects

Closing statement:

Knowing full well that rookies may make the mistake of only translating without taking into account the sort of feeling a writer would like to portray which can get lost in translation, I say to not worry much as I catch stuff like this easily and will answer any question you may have regarding this matter, good communication is key for projects to succeed!

Please PM or message me on Discord, which is ProtagonistJay#3069 if you'd like to work together or have any other questions, thank you.

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