[FULL] Game Writer looking for writing/outlining work!

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[FULL] Game Writer looking for writing/outlining work!

#1 Post by Averona » Fri Apr 24, 2020 12:44 am

Hello everyone, I'm Averona, and I'm currently available for work! currently my commissions are FULL, however I will open again in future!

I've been in the game development industry for 3 years, over which I've been in a number of roles including narrative and story design, including such work on a new mobile title, Virtual Sim Story: Dream Life. I'm well versed in programming, and can take your scripting requirements into account as well. With broader game development experience, I'm also accustomed to larger projects and have worked in teams ranging from 2 to 25 in size.

I'm currently looking to take my experience from the more general games industry, and apply it to visual novel development.

This section will be somewhat brief, for a simple portfolio: my portfolio.

- Virtual Sim Story: Dream Life (trailer) (Google Play)
- My Dear Delirium (in production)
- Keep It Alive (Ludum Dare 46 entry - 72 hour jam)

What I Will Write:
I specialise in drama, bittersweet and melancholy, however I can work in any of the following comfortably:

- Romance (any orientation)
- Mystery
- Horror
- Psychological
- Medieval
- Historical
- Slice of Life
- Comedy
- Sci-Fi
- Most other genres

NSFW is okay, however if it is heavy in NSFW content a higher rate will apply.

For the most part, my rates are non-negotiable, however I am open to discussion of your particular needs for a project, so feel free to contact me.

- $0.08/word (standard)
- $0.10/word (highly NSFW)

Final Notes:

If you prefer one form of spelling over another (EG, British English vs American English) I'm happy to accommodate for that as well.
While most content/topics are completely fine, I reserve my right to decline work, especially for highly questionable content.

Email: averonagames@gmail.com

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