[Open][Free] Writer/artist looking to join a project

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[Open][Free] Writer/artist looking to join a project

#1 Post by Agnese1304 » Sat Apr 24, 2021 5:08 am

I'm Ageha and I currently want to join a project to gain some experience in making visual novels. I am writer but I'm also currently taking character drawing courses, so I can try my hand at drawing sprites as well.

My preferred genres are fantasy, romance, slice of life, but if the story is interesting I'm willing to write almost any genre. Only genre I absolutely refuse to write is horror. I'm comfortable writing GxB and BxG, but not BxB or GxG simply because I don't believe I could write them well. Can also write some steamier scenes, but nothing explicit.

I would really prefer to join an otome game project or something that includes both male and female leads, but as I mentioned before if the concept is interesting I am willing to bend.

To contact me and see some writing (or art) sample, just message me on discord Ageha#0015 or send me an email to azuravska@gmail.com

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